Mike Barnicle on the Political Fallout for Hillary Clinton

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and the team discuss Hillary Clinton-related criticisms and especially concerns over her use of a personal email account while Secretary of State. "You get the sense that Hillary Clinton's biggest problem is the weight of 30 years of what are supposed to be explanations but sound like excuses. People are going to be thinking, when she does run for President, enough is enough," says Mike. Watch the conversation only on msnbc.


E. Gutierrez said...

I didn't vote for Obama, an unknown, I voted against Hillary (Iraq). In her speeches she has this look about her like "you are beneath me". No one asks her about foreign policy, but she is considered a hawk. She should have a foreign policy like Paul. Now its the Russian Uranium deal. She has name recognition only. She has a high ladder to climb. Seems those running for political office have this "I'm invincible" mentality..

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