The Morning Joe panel on Mike Barnicle's latest column for The Daily Beast

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the panel discusses Mike Barnicle’s latest column for The Daily Beast, which addresses the ongoing disconnect between American politicians and the men and women who give their lives for our failed policies, such as Sgt. Joshua Wheeler. “By the time Trey Gowdy and Hillary Clinton finished their opening remarks at Thursday’s congressional inquiry on Benghazi, Joshua Wheeler was dead in Iraq half a world away from Washington where policy is set that sends men just like him to the fight. Sgt. Wheeler was a 39-year-old, highly decorated Army veteran of 14 deployments to the long wars waged in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Across the weekend, both sides involved in Thursday’s Benghazi hearings spun their stories hoping for political advantage. On Saturday, largely unnoticed, Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler’s body was returned to the United States of America, his home, land of his birth,” writes Mike. Listen to the conversation here and read the full column at


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