Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump's performance

In discussing CNN’s Republican presidential debate last night, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle challenges political reporter Mike Halperin’s high grade for Donald Trump’s performance. “As we continue to contest Mark Halperin’s grading system here, one of the things that Donald Trump said last night that would cause me to give him less than an ‘A’ was his response to Jake Tapper’s question about the tone and tenor of the rallies that he has. ‘Do they engender the violence that sometimes takes place?’ And Donald Trump said, ‘I hope not,’” and that's why I would give him a 'B' at a minimum," says Mike of Trump’s answer on the violent incidents that have occurred at his campaign rallies. Watch the conversation with Bloomberg's Halperin and John Heilemann, Yahoo’s Bianna Golodryga and The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson on Trump's debate performance.


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