Mike Barnicle on the internal FBI feud over Hillary Clinton's email server

“According to three people I spoke to this weekend, all affiliated with the FBI, all retired, two of them very highly placed within the FBI structure, (FBI) director (James) Comey has put his own reputation at risk over the past several days and … there were a couple of reasons (he did it). One, the FBI beneath him is in turmoil. Dissension over this case has been for many, many months. And the director feared once he found out about this new cache of e-mails… that one of the teams of agents working on this case for some months now would leak the story about the discovery of the e-mails on (embattled former Rep.) Anthony Weiner’s computer and that would make the entire process look even more tainted than a lot of people feel it appears right now. That's the principle reason he leaked it, but the larger story here is: There has never been a grand jury empaneled in this case, which has severely aggravated many agents,” explains Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle during a conversation about the internal FBI feud over the probe into the private email server of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


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