Barnicle: Where is the United States?

While the Morning Joe panel talks about former Vice President Joe Biden saying that foreign leaders have sought him out for insight into President Donald Trump, senior contributor Mike Barnicle explains: “I was with the Vice President (Biden) a couple of weeks ago for about an hour in the afternoon. Later that afternoon he was meeting with the head of a foreign nation and basically if you hear him explain it: There are many people in other countries, who are used to dealing with the United States, who are now operating without a GPS system. They don't know where they are. And, so, what do they do? They call the old GPS system to say: ‘Where are we? Where is the United States?’ They know, globally, they cannot navigate without the United States in the lead.” Listen to more of the discussion here with Joe Scarborough, Katty Kay, Peggy Noonan and Willie Geist.



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