Immigrants: The Face of Our Nation

“Anand, when I'm looking at you, I'm looking at the face of this nation -- this huge, sprawling homogeneous nation. And we all know now, we're all familiar, except for a few Cabinet secretaries and a couple of United States Senators, with the phrase that came out of the Oval Office last week. And yet there is an element here that would suggest that we should not be so much worried about the language the President uses as the reality of what he's doing: 'You’re from Haiti, get back there.’ ‘You're from El Salvador, get out now.’ Things like that -- the behavior of this administration,” comments Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle to NBC News political analyst Anand Giridharadas as they discuss President Donald Trump’s statements toward immigrants. Listen to the conversation and Giridharadas’ sharing of Martin Luther King’s sentiment that “good people are the wind beneath’s evil’s wings."



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