73rd anniversary of V-E Day

Listen in on the conversation among Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, author Jon Meacham and veteran columnist Mike Barnicle on this 73rd anniversary of V-E Day. "I grew up later on, on a street where there were seven Gold Star families. Seven families on one street. Families originally from Russia, Greece, Finland, Italy, Ireland. America, the idea of America, and I don't think there has ever been…a greater juxtaposition in proof of the strength of the American idea than Franklin Delano Roosevelt being followed by Harry S. Truman, a haberdasher from Missouri….Look at the gift that he was to America: Taking the first steps to integrate the United States military, taking the initial steps to protect and defend Berlin, and to take the advance against the creeping power of the Soviet Union – Harry S. Truman.” Hear more of the conversation.



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