Barnicle on Chris Matthews’ Resignation

“Where do I go now at 7 o’clock at night for an honest, heart-on-my-sleeve reaction to politics in America, not just electoral politics today, but the politics of every day? Where do I go? My friend, your friend, Chris Matthews is not dead. He has retired from Hardball, but he will still be around, and I hope to see him as a guest many times right here on Morning Joe. But, the thing that I fear most, Joe, about what happened yesterday—Chris's resignation, is it opens the door further to an element in our culture that I find disturbing. No matter how valid the complaints were or may have been about Chris, there's a sense of easy outrage in this country that is fed largely by Twitter sometimes, and the outrage quickly becomes toxic, and that toxic outrage has the opportunity, the chance, and often results in something that we saw last night—Chris's resignation,” says Barnicle about the bigger picture behind Hardball host Chris Matthews’ abrupt resignation and the need for society to “pump the brakes on the easily obtained outrage and live our lives."



Unknown said...

And i find it alarming that it only seems to be Democrats or not Trumpers that react, resign - going back to Al Franken. Trump and team just smash it in your face. I've been watching Chris for years, and, particularly when something happened in Congress, i'd make sure to watch because I liked his insight. Remember how indignant he got on Melania's part when her speech copied Michelle Obama? He blamed the speechwriter. Great view. Mike, from the beginning, you have expressed your outrage at the Trump happenings. I so appreciated it. Trump made me sick to my stomach, literally. No,it wasn't the foul attitude towards women; I was more concerned by his encouragement of violence before he even became President. I started watching Joe and Nicole because I clung to the thought there were Republicans that were bothered as much as I was. After his first speech, I joined the ACLU and moved 20% of my retirement funds into bonds. When he bombed a country, i moved another 20%. I felt he would do something that would plunge the market overnight. I admired and counted onJohn McCain. When I heard about his cancer. I swore a lot; i knew no one else would fight Trump. I admired John McCain for years, his service in Vietnam. Trump was dog-doo compared to what McCain stood up to in Vietnam.
Mike, keep speaking up. It really helps to know someone thinks like me and isn't afraid to express it. Thank you for all you do.
Judy Teeghman

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