POTUS’ brand: Incompetence

“If you go around, as I have done for the past week or so, early in the morning, driving around safely from a distance, seeing people who I know in neighborhoods that I know, you find out from them, from talking to them that Donald Trump in a sense has become irrelevant to their lives because of his lack of leadership. But what has not become irrelevant to these people, and I think they're representative of a lot of people in this country, is his incompetence. That's his brand now: Incompetence. And the level of leadership that is lacking, people talk about it all the time, but it's really rooted in: He just simply hasn't done the job and can't do the job,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe during a conversation with host Joe Scarborough about President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic having “proved to be deadly” for America, after the U.S. recorded the world’s highest number of COVID-19 deaths in a single day.



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