Trump’s chances for re-election

ICYMI: Watch this Morning Joe conversation between Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle as they discuss President Donald Trump’s chances for re-election amid the coronavirus pandemic with less than three weeks to Election Day. “The facts are grim and grizzly: America is number one—ladies and gentlemen—we're number one in the number of infections from the disease and we're number one in the number of deaths from the disease thus far. The disease is not going away. The virus is not going away. It's been handled terribly, incompetent by guess who? The man standing in front of those rallies, Donald J. Trump, and he can't deal with it…I think he knows he's losing and you have to be really, really out of it not to know that. So, this is what he's left with: A pile of delusion, fantasy, and the hope that what he's looking at out in Johnstown, Pennsylvania…that he can recreate 2016. It doesn't look like he can,” says Barnicle about President Trump’s re-election chances.



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