Why are voting rights under attack?

Watch this Morning Joe discussion about how voting rights are under attack from the GOP nationwide and the possible underlying cause. “Florida, Texas, they are just 2 of 43 states in this country at last count, 43 state legislatures dominated by Republicans that are trying to really fix election laws, because apparently, that's the only way Republicans can win a national election is to deny the results or try to fix it for themselves. And yet what we're talking about, these attempts by state legislatures to alter and make tougher election laws, making it impossible for people to vote or very difficult for people to vote, I would consider that to be secondary to the larger issue, and the larger issue would be, is the damage that Donald Trump has done to our country, to our institutions: Is it permanent, is it lasting, or is it temporary? What's your view?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of branding expert Donny Deutsch.



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