Morning Joe remembers Meat Loaf

Morning Joe remembers Meat Loaf, the award-winning singer/actor known for his bestselling “Bat Out of Hell” album, who died at 74 years old. Watch this segment that includes an August 23, 2019 interview clip during which veteran columnist Mike Barnicle asks Meat Loaf about his music, storytelling and approach to live performing. “For years and still up until this moment, I think ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light,’ is one of the greatest songs,” remarks Barnicle upon Meat Loaf’s death. "It’s an epic song—ever sung, ever written, ever composed and the act that Phil Rizzuto was in it—and Phil Rizzuto making the phony apology later that he didn’t really know what the song was all about. It’s just a historic song, a great song. I’m going to play it all day today,” says Barnicle about the song specifically written for New York Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto using phrases he would actually say while announcing.



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