The struggle to make “Breaking"

Abi, this is a story about an actual human being. This is a story about a Marine Corps veteran who they extracted $892 from his disability check and that’s why he was in the bank to make people aware of what happens to veterans, and he certainly did that. But my question to you is: Given the state of the movie industry today, this is not a remake….this is not a D.C. Comic film with characters and monsters and things like that. This is a tough thing to do this day and age in the movie business. How did you do it?,” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of filmmaker Abi Damaris Corbin who joins Morning Joe to discuss her new film “Breaking,” based on the true story of Brian Brown-Easley, a frustrated veteran who is killed after taking bank employees hostage in an effort to get the attention of the Veterans Administration. Hear Corbin’s answer and watch a powerful clip from the film, starring John Boyega as Brown-Easley.



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