“How the Republican Party Went Crazy"

“David, just 65 years or so ago, Richard Hofstadter wrote a book called ‘The Paranoid Style of American Politics’ and it’s still in evidence today; the book still holds up today. But, along the way, we’ve had Republicans, you mentioned Barry Goldwater earlier. Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott, Republicans, went and told Richard Nixon ‘you have to go.’ There have been some really courageous Republicans in the Senate and in the House, oddly enough, who stood up over time for various issues. But this, I would submit to you, is different. This is like a virus, an infection that has married cowardice with silence and fear. That's a trifecta that holds Republicans enthralled to one man and his philosophy who has only been in power–was only in power–for four years. How did that happen so quickly?” asks veteran journalist Mike Barnicle of Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn who joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book, "American Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy.” Watch the conversation here.



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