The status of families in America

“I think there’s a lot of anxiety in the country,” veteran journalist Mike Barnicle told Jonathan Lemire on Way Too Early. "I think people are living on pins and needles. They go from the grocery store to the gas station wondering what the immediate future is going to bring. I think they're especially worried about their children; people who have children. One of the things that hasn't been discussed at length at least to my ear in a lot of campaigns is what has happened to the education of younger children, grammar school and high school, who have missed so much school because of COVID and school lockdowns, and that hasn't arisen as a big issue; but, I think it lurks in the backgrounds in terms of people thinking about their future. They no longer measure their future in four or five years of ‘when I retire’ or ‘when I begin to retire.’ They measure their future now by end of this week, which is a troubling situation I think that for a lot of families,” says Barnicle about the situation for many Americans.



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