Herschel Walker’s GOP candidacy: “It’s beyond horrifying"

“The idea that Herschel Walker is actually a candidate for the United States Senate is beyond horrifying, it's beyond horrifying, and he's just the latest gift to the Republican Party presented by Donald Trump—a gift that keeps on giving. The idea that we have a former president of the United States who has no idea who he's having a dinner with, that's just incredible in and of itself, given he had dinner with a 24-year-old who hates Jews, Blacks, gays, women—more than half the human race. And now we have on the ballot in Georgia a former Heisman Trophy winner, and that's basically his credential to run for the United States Senate, other than the endorsement of Donald Trump. Thank you, Donald Trump,” says Barnicle of GOP candidate Herschel Walker, the challenger to Georgia’s Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, following former President Donald Trump revealing that he did not know the identity of a recent dining companion at Mar-a-Lago—a known white nationalist and anti-Semite Nick Fuentes.



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