Trump’s praise for authoritarian regimes

Watch this Morning Joe discussion about former President Donald Trump having praised authoritarian figures: President Xi Jinping of China, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, suggesting the three are “top of the line” leaders. Says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle: "He's basically saying to people, ‘you'd be better off if you were living in Beijing, or Moscow, or somewhere in North Korea than you would be living in Chicago or Gardner, Massachusetts, or Lafayette, Louisiana. You would be better off anywhere, but living where you are now, because we don't have top of the line people.’ And I’m wondering how long it takes, maybe forever, before other Republicans who are leaders in the Republican Party or ordinary Republican members of the House and the Senate to realize that this guy's focus is not only on himself, but it's also conjoined with running down the country that we live in and love."



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