State of the economy

“We live in a country with no patience, no patience whatsoever. A country that has a diminishing memory of anything that happened further back than a week ago….We live in a TikTok nation where people get their news in about 20, 25 seconds on their phone. So, here's their day: They get up in the morning, man or woman, going to work. They need gas. The last thing that Americans do together because, there's no full-service gas stations anymore, is take the pump, put it in the side of the car, lean against the car, and watch those numbers flash by, say ‘wow.’ So, a month ago, they would fill up for 70 bucks and now they're doing 20 bucks at a time to save money. Then they go to the grocery store. You see the price of eggs? ‘Wow.’ They put the eggs; they pay; they leave the grocery store. They go home. They get home at the end of the workday. They make out a check or Zelle their credit card payment, credit card interest rates have gone up. ‘Wow, I'm getting hammered all day long.’ The phone rings. And it's a pollster. ‘How do you feel about the country?’ ‘It’s terrible, it's terrible.’ It's human nature, is what it is. It's not political so much as it is cultural and economic,” says Barnicle about the state of the American economy in this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist and Donny Deutsch.



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