Mike Barnicle on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

“I grew up on a street where there were seven Gold Star families from World War II. It was a war that changed this country — I think much more so than September 11 did because the foundation of this country moved in a different direction, a more progressive direction because of the War. The big thing about the War is: We now communicate through cell phones, we have a million cable channels and the internet gives us access to everything — no matter where we live. But World War II is the connecting tissue, the connecting fiber of this country for many, many families,” said Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle during a conversation on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor." Jon Meacham, you have written about the culture of this country, the culture of our politics and how it's changed, but one thing we had then that we don't have now…is a sense of national service that began in conflict in the War but then sort of dissipated over the years to the detriment of this country. Listen in for more of the conversation between Barnicle and Random House Executive Editor Jon Meacham about how America’s involvement in World War II, following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941, impacted and changed the country as a whole.


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