Mike Barnicle on PBS’s Charlie Rose with guest host Jon Meacham

In case you missed Mike Barnicle last night on PBS’s Charlie Rose with guest host Jon Meacham, listen in on the conversation about the mood of the country in this turbulent time of the new Administration under President Donald Trump. “I think a lot of people are nearly exhausted by what has happened in the course of just a little over a month in this presidency,” explains Barnicle. "Obviously, people who voted for Donald Trump are probably somewhat pleased because they regard everything that has happened as something that he had promised would happen and he’s conducting his presidency in that manner. But the level of exhaustion in the country, it's every day, full of a Niagara of surprises or statements that sometimes shock or sometimes offend, and you wonder – at least I wonder in talking with people – when that level of exhaustion will peak, and what happens to the body politic when it does peak.” Hear more from Meacham, Barnicle and NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell here.


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