"The FBI doesn't fool around"

“The FBI doesn't fool around and you don't get leaks out of the FBI unless there is something to the leaks,” said Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a conversation about the ongoing investigation into the Trump Administration’s contact with Russia during the campaign and currently. “You have FBI field offices in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and FBI counterintelligence teams in Washington, D.C. all honing in on one specific thing: Contacts between Trump's people during the campaign and the Trump administration today. You've had (National Security Advisor) Mike Flynn already leave because of something having to do with Russia obviously. Now you have the President's own personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, a lawyer outside of government, acting as de facto Secretary of State. All of this a combustible concoction of chaos. Where is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in all of this?” Hear more about the investigation here and a promise from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) that "2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress."


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