Barnicle: Sessions Stonewalls the Investigation

“Clint, it was interesting watching the Attorney General of the United States stonewall a Senate investigation into Russian interference in the basics of our American democracy – our electoral system. It was also interesting to hear the Attorney General say that he had never once been briefed on Russian interventions — hat he reads about it in the papers. That's where he gets his news….But the split between he and the former FBI Director, Jim Comey, was truly interesting — that he had not spoken to him, and yet signed off on a letter basically indicting Mr. Comey for mismanagement of the FBI,” comments Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle to former FBI Agent Clint Watts during a conversation analyzing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where Sessions was questioned on his reasoning for President Donald Trump firing then FBI Director James Comey. Listen to Watts’ reply here and his condemnation of POTUS and Sessions for attending the “same school for bad leadership and poor judgment."



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