Barnicle: "This is who we are"

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Clint Watts and Mike Barnicle as they discuss the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio that have left at least 29 people dead and the “violent rhetoric” in America under President Donald Trump. Says Barnicle about President Trump: “His language of license lingers in the air like the smell of cordite around mass shootings. That's a fact. Unfortunately, we will today and we’ve already heard yesterday, one public person after another saying: 'This is not who we are' in speaking of the shootings. The sad fact is: This is who we are. This is actually who we are and who we have become….We have these one-man armies of white nationalists. We live in a nation awash with guns—more than 290 million weapons, but that's just part of it…There is something deeply, deeply wrong in this country.” Join the conversation here.



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