Bipartisan support needed for infrastructure

“On this Memorial Day, we're sitting in a country, and you just alluded to it, about the dams needing repair. We're sitting in a country where people claim that America doesn't build things anymore. You're not too far from the old Ford Willow Run Plant where in World War II, the B-24 Liberators were coming off the assembly line of that plant at the rate of one per hour. Detroit helping to win the war. What is going on? Why can't we get an infrastructure bill passed in this country to rebuild America today, in 2020?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) during a Morning Joe conversation about why Congress hasn’t been able to pass infrastructure legislation despite the desperate need for it in the country and what may be the crushing consequences if Democrats and Republicans don’t come together to build resiliency in the infrastructure now.



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