POTUS’ “self-concocted, self-conceived fantasy world"

“He lives in his own self-concocted, self-conceived fantasy world, and it involves, 'this state is involved in voter fraud; that state is not involved in voter fraud because it’s going to vote for me.' It fills his days, his dreams, his made-up numbers about 'the death count is overrated, it’s underrated.' It is what it is; you can't follow him. And Dave, my question to you is, is there any credibility do you think on a national level—after the local level investigates and proves there is no voter fraud? Do Republicans listen to that?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg as the Morning Joe panel discusses President Donald Trump railing against mail-in voting on Twitter despite a GOP investigation in Florida having found there was no voter fraud. Listen to Aronberg’s response here about the notion that Trump is trying to convince Democrats to back off the effort.



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