President Joe Biden’s State of the Union

ICYMI: Watch this Morning Joe conversation between Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle as they review and discuss President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in which he called out Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and pledged to tame surging inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic. “In 62 minutes, you saw the Commander-in-Chief talking about Ukraine. You saw the President of the United States talking about domestic issues, about funding the police, about getting kids back into school. And you saw Joe Biden citizen, ‘happy birthday buddy’ to the young boy who was there with diabetes. You saw the expanse of his personality in full blossom: Angry about Ukraine, really angry about Putin, frustrated about empty office buildings here in New York and throughout the country, frustrated that more kids haven't been in school full time for a while, frustrated about the normal issues that plague American families: gas prices. You saw it all…in 62 minutes. I think it was a very, very solid night for the President of the United States, for the Commander-in-Chief and for Joe Biden, citizen of America,” says Barnicle.



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