Barnicle on GOP's questionable agenda

“Take a look at the cover of the New York Post this morning, ‘Eyes on the Spies," and it’s the Republican’s intention—Kevin McCarthy’s intention—to subpoena 51 former members of the American intelligence community to pursue the Hunter Biden story. So, if you're out there sitting at home worried about your home heating oil bill, your grocery bill, the status of your kids in school—forget about that because we've got to get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden story. We got to get Clapper and Brennan in and find out why they lied,” says Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle as he holds up the front-page of the New York Post newspaper that suggests Republican lawmakers are more interested in tackling President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, than tackling issues facing everyday Americans. Watch the conversation with Joe Scarborough, Brendan Buck and Barnicle as they question the agenda of House Republicans as Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the presumptive choice to become Speaker of the House when the GOP takes control of the House next month.



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