"Please, come out and vote."

"The race is tightening. [Clinton’s campaign] doesn’t want to have happen to them what happened to (presidential candidate) John Kerry in 2004 when his campaign ended, and they had about $20 million left in the bank. Spend it. Get it out there. Reinforce what strengths you have in those states. There is a shrinking base of black voters who will come out in support of Hillary Clinton. There's an increasing awareness among voters as we approach Tuesday [thinking] ‘I don't like either candidate’….So I would assume spending in those states is targeted to (those) groups: I’m begging you, please, come out and vote,” explains Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle during a panel discussion about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s efforts to win over unconvinced or undecided voters through increasing her ad buys in the final week before the election. Hear more on the discussion here.


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