E.R. Nurses: True Stories from America's Greatest Unsung Heroes

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle as they are joined by coauthors James Patterson Matt Eversmann to discuss their book “E.R. Nurses: True Stories from America's Greatest Unsung Heroes,” which features a compilation of interviews with hospital workers from across the country — everywhere from Wisconsin to Hawaii — telling their experiences in their own words. “Each and every day, I pass, you pass, everyone passes thousands of anonymous PTSD victims. They are nurses. One of my daughters is a nurse. My daughter-in-law is a nurse practitioner, and they have been forced over the past 18 months to help people to the end of their lives and to say goodbye to their loved ones over an iPhone, and we should honor them, recognize them as this book does, as we have just done in this segment, but there are too many anonymous heroes out there in America that we don't pay enough attention to,” says Barnicle. Join the conversation here.



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