Havana Syndrome

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Jonathan Lemire and Mike Barnicle as they discuss the mysterious neurological ailment known as Havana Syndrome that has attacked American embassies around the world, while the State Department is now investigating new complaints of brain injuries linked to the so-called Havana Syndrome at the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. “We don't know the source of the attacks, if indeed they are attacks. So, you've had all these embassies around the world in the, you know, State Department employees suffering from something and yet we can't…put our finger exactly on what that is. So, it’s a quandary for the State Department, which is vastly undermanned, which I think, Jonathan, is part of the story in and of itself, given the gutting of the bureaucracy in the State Department within the past four years, but the idea is, has to be primary, figure out first what it is. And then we have to deal with it; but they're trying to do what they can do up to this point, and it’s not much,” says Barnicle about the United States not being able to uncover what or who is causing Havana Syndrome. Join the conversation here.



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