The Red Sox

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, Jonathan Lemire, Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle as they recap and discuss the Boston Red Sox having ended the New York Yankees season with a 6-2 win in the AL-Wild Card game at Fenway Park. "One of the big underlying stories, Joe, last night has to do with everything that we've been through as a nation and as a world across the last 19 to 20 months, suffering from COVID. The Red Sox, of course, had several unvaccinated players. But the crowd last night was as electric and as together—literally, figuratively together—close together; 38,000 people in that ballpark with noise and clamor and excitement that I haven't seen or heard in that ballpark in maybe two to three years. And the funny, odd thing last night, when the Massachusetts state lottery number came up just prior to the game: The winning numbers were announced at about seven o’clock, and the numbers were one, nine, seven, eight—true story, 1978, the Bucky Dent year,” says Barnicle as he recalls former Yankee Bucky Dent who hit a home run in a tie-breaker game against the Red Sox at Fenway Park at the end of the 1978 regular season. Watch the whole conversation here.



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