The state of America and the 2024 presidential race

“We have witnessed now for years, and years, and years out on the stump, the greatest political showman of our time, maybe of any time, Donald J. Trump. He's also a deeply dangerous national security threat. That's who he is. We've failed to confront that reality. We've failed to ask people, like General Kelly, General Mattis, Mitch McConnell, a host of Republican: Step up to the plate, step up to the plate….This is deeply depressing at a certain level, that not a single legitimate Republican can stand up and confront this deeply dangerous narcissist who thinks it's great to get out every day and be so negative about this country. If you listen to him on the stump, if you listen to his speeches, his 90-minute speeches, they are deeply, deeply divisive, in addition to being horribly negative about the immediate future of this country,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Jonathan Lemire, Chris Matthews and Lanhee Chen as they discuss and analyze and the state of America and the 2024 presidential race following a recent York Times/Siena College poll that found President Biden is on stronger footing than he was a year ago—but he is neck-and-neck in a possible rematch with former President Donald Trump.



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