Thoughts on the first 2024 Republican primary debate

"This country has suffered great damage—none more so than the injection into the political bloodstream that the election of 2020 was fixed, was rigged,” said veteran columnist Mike Barnicle in this Morning Joe conversation with host Mika Brzezinski following the first 2024 Republican primary debate that took place in Milwaukee, which didn’t feature the current frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, who decided to skip the event. "How do you begin a debate with any of the candidates, Republican or Democrat, without asking them the ‘yes' or ‘no’ question: 'Was Joseph R. Biden legitimately elected president of the United States, yes or no?' That way, we know where you're going to go on continuing this poison that is in the political culture today, and no one asked that.” Watch their review of what Barnicle called “a revealing and depressing performance."



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