Deconstruct the administrative state

"Mark, this quote uttered months ago by Steve Bannon that the mission is to ‘deconstruct the administrative state.’ That's the mission of the Trump administration. If you walk around and do your own grocery shopping and stuff like that, part of it seems to be taking hold. In terms of trying to delegitimatize things, they have basically gone after the Congress, the courts, the regulatory agencies, a large part of the federal bureaucracy, (and) the State Department — has no one working there practically. Is this a plan that is constantly being implemented within the White House? Is it something that they viscerally feel each and every day? ‘Yeah, let's do this and let’s go after this aspect and we’ll further weaken things,’” asks Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of NBC News Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin during a conversation about the White House’s immediate goals and how, according to Halperin, the pending health care legislation leaves the Administration’s fate hanging in the balance.


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