The competence of the White House staff

While the Morning Joe panel discusses the multi-front war President Trump faces on his major initiatives, most notably the now indefinitely blocked travel ban, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “Forum shopping has been going on through several administrations, not just this one. I think what differentiates this one is that initially this began with a couple of guys, who — ostensibly work for the White House, work for President Donald J. Trump — sat down on the weekend after the Inauguration and on a paper napkin, perhaps, outlined a tough immigration policy. And that got this thing thrown off the tracks, followed by the constant refrain of Russia, followed by the constant Tweets that get the President in hot water. And now what surfaces really at the core of all of this is the competence of the White House staff.” Listen to the conversation among Barnicle, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and NBC News senior political analyst Mark Halperin here.


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