Difficulties facing the House Republicans’ revised health care bill

The Morning Joe panel discusses the difficulties facing the House Republicans’ revised health care bill after watching clips from President Donald Trump’s sit down interview with CBS’ John Dickerson over the weekend, during which POTUS touted the merits of the health care plan. Comments senior contributor Mike Barnicle: “You know what’s interesting as well as intriguing? It's kind of difficult semantically following the President in his interview there with John Dickerson, but, he instinctively knows that eliminating, dropping pre-existing conditions is more dangerous than dynamite to people in public office today. People are used to it. They like it. Whether you call it Obamacare or whatever — if they cut that out, if it goes back to the states, and any state governor or legislature cuts that out — (you’re) dead politically.” Watch the conversation here and the President’s promise that pre-existing conditions will be covered under the proposed bill.



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