Warren’s message to the insurance industry

In conversation with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the future of Obamacare, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle asks: “Senator, there seems to be one fight that is more shadow boxing than real fighting, and it has to do with the financial institution that affects more lives than any Wall Street institution does. It affects your life, your home, your car and now your health. These large insurance conglomerates who seemly dictate what is going on with healthcare legislation in this country, and yet you hear very little verbiage, fighting verbiage, from people – your colleagues – in Washington D.C. about the role – the powerful role – that insurance companies play in our lives.” Hear Warren’s response and her message to insurance companies: “They have to be more responsive to the American people and we have got to get those costs down.” Listen in on the conversation here.



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