Mike Barnicle talks about the influence of television in Donald Trump’s campaign

As the media frenzy over Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle talks with Joe Scarborough about the influence of television in his campaign. “The people in New Hampshire and South Carolina aren’t being prompted by the Nightly News to go out and see Donald Trump, but they are being encouraged to go see Donald Trump because he is a side show. They know he is never, ever, ever going to be President of the United States, but they might get a few chuckles in the middle of a hot summer by going out to listen to him,” says Mike. He also sums up the concern over too much Trump media coverage and points directly to Morning Joe: “We played a clip of a sitting United States Senator, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and it was about a 15-second clip. We’ve been talking about Donald Trump now, and showing Donald Trump, for about 12 minutes. Trump is on overload.” Listen to the conversation here between Mike and the MSNBC Morning Joe panel on Trump comparisons to Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi and The Huffington Post’s decision to assign Trump-related news to the entertainment section.


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