Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump and his positions

The Morning Joe panel continues to weigh in on the rising support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his positions, especially considering his latest controversial anti-Muslim remarks. “We get continued written and rhetorical descriptions on TV and in newspapers about the Trump constituency, and almost always they’re labeled as, you know, blue-collar, Southern guys driving pickup trucks, shotguns in the back. It’s far wider and broader than that. We’ve had 15 years of people living with the various grievances in this country (fighting wars, broken economy, etc.)... and they can’t find anyone to go to who’ll say ‘go **** yourself’. And Trump is doing that for them,” says Mike of Trump’s supporters, as a new BloombergPolitics survey reveals that 65 percent of Republicans support Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims. Listen to the Morning Joe conversation here with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa on the latest presidential campaign news.


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