Mike Barnicle on the increasing support for the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement

On his third consecutive appearance on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, Mike Barnicle talks with John Heilemann about the increasing support for the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement. “If you trigger enough votes [in favor], I think it enhances the reputation of President Barack Obama, the administration, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the policy itself—not just here in this country, but globally. It certainly gives the impression to the rest of the world that we speak with one voice on foreign policy,” says Mike of how congressional support for the deal impacts global opinion. On the subject of whether former Vice President Dick Cheney’s loud opposition to the agreement will make a difference, Mike says: “[It won’t make any impact] because of Dick Cheney’s record with Iraq and his still disbelief, or refusal to believe, that he made any mistakes.” Watch the conversation here.


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