Mike Barnicle on the migrant crisis

As the migrant crisis—driven by the poverty of sub-Saharan Africa and the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan—continues to impact the Mediterranean and Europe, the New York Times Magazine's Scott Anderson joins MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk with Mike Barnicle about the magazine’s latest cover story, which takes an in-depth look at the desperate factors behind the dramatic surge in migration this summer and the overwhelming nature of dealing with the situation at key entry points like Italy and Greece. “We have a horrific photo on the cover of the New York Times, a Turkish police officer carrying a drowned two-year old boy, which will galvanize people until about 10 a.m. this morning. Should we just shut down the United Nations for incompetence? You have Doctors Without Borders, the International Red Cross… trying desperately to deal with the situation, but there is no unifying government body, it seems, capable or willing to inject itself into this horrific, historical tale,” says Mike. Watch the conversation and view the photo/video essay at http://nyti.ms/1JBSH5N.


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