Mike Barnicle on what might be going through Joe Biden's mind

Following the recent CBS News/New York Times poll that finds 81% of likely primary voters perceive Vice President Joe Biden as honest and trustworthy, higher than any other Democratic or Republican candidate, Mike Barnicle gauges what might be going through the Vice President’s mind as he weighs jumping into the race. “I think he’s still conflicted whether he has the emotional and physical energy to do it… He knows the total commitment it takes to run for the presidency. It’s a full time job—24/7 for 14, 15 months. The aspect of raising money—which is humiliating enough when you’re running for the Senate or House—and he has to raise millions to run for the presidency. So, I think it’s still a jumble for him,” explains Mike. Watch the discussion on Vice President Biden here and listen to his response to Republican front runner Donald Trump’s comments on immigration. On MSNBC.


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